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I have been writing about performance since 2010. First as a print journalist, then as a blogger moving between online publications, and now as an academic and researcher. When I started on my PhD I worried that I had forgotten how to write confidingly and conversationally.

This began a place for me to write performance up close — informal, unedited, and often immediate. It’s still a place for my words to recover from the smothering influences of what I call ficus academicus, the strangling fig of academic writing, and I do hope that as you read my writing you will be transported to where I have been. I also frequently collaborate with two incredible young writers, Casidhe Ng and Teo Xiao Ting, to produce pieces of writing that rework what criticism can be.

Beyond that, I realise that most of the writing posted here is the result of direct correspondence with the artist(s) whose performances and encounters and experiences we have opened ourselves to. It’s been a joy to send these love letters directly to performance- and art-makers. And now they are love letters to you.


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